Square Dancing Information


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10 Fascinating Things About Modern Square Dancing

1.     The music used at modern square dances is not just country. Today’s callers rely heavily on pop music from the 60s or 70s. Songs by Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, or Rod Stewart are favorites. A top female caller calls to classical pieces.

2.     Not all callers are men. Some of the most popular ones are women.

3.     No alcohol allowed! It is absolutely forbidden before or during dances. Square dancing requires clear concentration and quick reflexes.

4.     All ages participate in square dancing. We have squared danced with folks from seven to 94. Home-schooling families are increasingly turning to square dance classes to meet their children’s physical education requirements.

5.     Many people who thought they could not dance, love square dancing. If you can walk, you can square dance.

6.     It burns calories. Researchers found two hours of square dancing covers 4 to 5 miles.

7.     Square dancers come from all walks of life. They cover the spectrum of careers, income, education, political, and religious views. All are welcome!

8.     Dancers never know what their caller is going to call next. There are many different options that can follow each move.

9.     Square dancing is popular around the world, but it is always called in English. It is very popular in Japan and throughout Europe.

10.  Research shows square dancing is a mind-stimulating leisure activity that lowers the risk of developing dementia. 



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